A day in the park

Our Parks group hosted a fun filled afternoon last month, and I am finally getting the pictures posted.
There was all sorts of fun things for our little one to do. Not everything got captured digitally, but here are some of the highlights.
Potato sack races have changed to pillow cases races. (Still loads of fun!)

And the big fun was the Boys versuses Girls Tug-O-War.
A couple of shots as they get everyone lined up.

It is a real shame just how shy our little one can be at times.

A very good showing on the Girls side!

Not so many on the Boys side.

And while they tried with all their might, the Boys were no match for the Girls!


Fall is in the air...

And pumpkins are on the ground!

While checking out a yard sale this past weekend we stumbled upon a pumpkin patch. The owner was very enthusiastic about his pumpkins and offered any and all to check them out and take pictures. Based on other years weights, he estimated this pumpkin is in the neighborhood of 400 pounds. The only limit on climbing was that shoes and belts had to be taken off. So here are the pictures, enjoy!


Some Zoo pictures and "A Boy and His Worm"

We took a few hours this past Sunday morning to head down to the local Zoo and have some fun walking around. Our little one had just been there with his day camp the week before, and was very excited to go back.

Mom brought some bread to feed the birds. The pigeons are so used to it they will take from your hand.

Nope, not related at all.

Le Grand Frommage!

My honey Bunny and her little Carrot.

Making sure theworm is cozy in its bowl of dirt.

A Boy and His Worm.


His first carnival

And he had a blast! As always, many thanks to my dad for these amazing pictures.
I will try to add some captions when I can. Keep an eye out for the many different faces he was making at us as he went by on the different rides.