Mexico 2009, part 2

Ok, here are another batch of pictures of our littel one from our recent vacation.
These first two are outside the famous "Hotel California" in Todos Santos.

This first one is a picture of Mom and Dad taken four year ago, right before we started earning those titles.

And here we are four years later with our little one.


mexico 2009, part one

We just arrived home from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My folks have a time share there and invited us down with them for a very nice two weeks vacation. And here is the first round of pictures from the trip. Round two will get posted when I get the pictures my dad took. Enjoy!

Having fun with a straw in the airport.

Watching a movie with Dad during the layover.

My Dad and me on a horseback riding excursion one afternoon.

Again with the horseback riding, this time with Lands End in the background.

A puppy that went exploring while we waited for the horses to be ready.

How our little man spent his vacation.

Sleeping sideways actually worked in these beds!

A wrestling mask that his Mom liked.

... and one that he liked!

Hanging out with his Aunt across the street from the original "Hotel California" in Todos Santos.

A place that encourages graphiti.

The Missus.

Grandma got him hooked on Pina colada's (without the rum).

Just waiting for the cab.

On the way home, listening to music with Grandpa.