Back in the country, with loads of pictures

Howdy, to the two of you that read this blog. We made it back without incident. I had a good time visiting for their last week. And here are loads of pictures taken during their almost three month visit.

How Mom spent her visit. *grin*

Just taking a breather in the bus stop while holding a bucket of baby pears. No reason to be concerned, just move along officer.

A frame from an upcoming music video of the blues song titled "Down by the River"

I am ready for my close-up.

uh... "Yo"

umm, was that supposed to happen?

I made this for you.

and you believed me!

I need to think about this for a bit and nothing helps me think like a good carrot.

Some fool gave this child a hat full of candy.

Don't tug on that, you don't know what it is attached too.

This is how you water a garden.

Nothing funny to say. Just a great shot of him running down a road.

Eating a fresh picked tomato in the garden... in my undies. You know you wish you were me!

You handle the peddles and I will stear.

Cruising for smooches!

Were you sleaping?

A whole new meaning to the phrase "Surfing Dad."

I saw this one on a wrestling show.

I think it goes here.

Son, I really hate to tell you this, but this is, mostlikely, the last time you will get to hang out in a pool with four cute blonde sisters.

Meeting the family pet.

Nothing says you are done with a post like a child riding a goat.