radio silence

The radios silence will probably continue until the middle of December. Nothing bad going on, just life.

I hae found that if we do not spend a few evenings together each week, my wife and I start to get annoyed with each other very quickly. It only took five years of marriage for that one to sink in for me. Never said I was quick.

Two graduate classes takes up a lot of time in the evenings and weekends. Neat stuff. IT law and a class in Leadership. The law class has been a real eye opener into how things like copyright and trademarks work. The leadership course is mostly fluff, but it does get me thinking about the concepts even though I frequently disagree with the author.

Our son also keeps us jumping during the daylight hours. I am not home too often during his waking hours so I do what I can to help out as much as possible when I am around during that time. For some reason my wife likes to be able to take a shower and feel like a normal human once in a while, go figure.

I try to work out three times a week in anticipation of next weeks Turkey Trot. I am still under an hour for the five miles and my ability to run without having to take breaks is also improving. A year ago it really did not feel like I would ever be able to run two miles with no walking breaks but I can now.

I do still play DnD once a week. That is about it for the activities on my list of hobbies. *sigh* All those comic books going unread and robotic legoes unassembled, it is truly sad.

My reading (not a hobbie any more than breathing is one) of late has been going back through the fifty or so linear feet of fantasy and science fiction books in my office and re-reading ones I have not looked at in many years. Plus the almost annual re-reading of all things Pratchett. Good thing I hate getting rid of books I enjoyed reading!

Much more than I expected to write, back to the grind.


e4 said...

Your wife likes to feel human and take showers too? What's up with that?

Morgan said...

Hey now were people too!

Glad to see you typing even if its not for much longer