20 months

Our little one has reached 20 months this past weekend and decided to skip right to being a Terrible Two Year Old. We witnessed two completely separate meltdowns in a single afternoon. This is for him a very short period of time. It might have had something to do with the diaper rash or cabin fever or teething or any of a number of reasons. We just think it is becuase he can.

We also found that he gets very upset when he sees Mom and Dad hug. We think it is the jealous stage thing starting early. Is it bad that this amuses us to no end and if he really does it all of the time we are thinking of using it for a new party trick? Just taking him with us to different places, getting him comfortable and then hugging so everyone else can see the conniption? Maybe use it for some kind of awareness program for folk expecting children or young adults to educate them to the adventure of child raising? Maybe he is just protecting his turf and is making sure we don't get too friendly and start making any siblings that will play with his stuff? So many possibilies.


Morgan said...

Oh yah gotta love kids!

Matt said...

our dog has a conniption if we hug in his presence. he starts growling and whining and jumping on us.