Memorial Day 5k

My time for the 5k was 33:27! This is by far the best time time I have run in months.
With a mile average of 10:46.
56th overall, out of 122.
11th in my age group, out of 15.

Overall, a great day for a race. The weather was cooperative. A bit cloudy and humid but nothing oppressive and the temp was in the 70s.
Very good community support. People along the course came out and encouraged the runners.
The best was one block where at least four houses all got together and were banging on pots and otherwise making a great noise to keep our spirits up, which it did.
The 2 mile mark happened to be in front of our house. Some of our neighbors even had hoses and sprinklers out to help folk cool off if they needed it. One pair of neighbors stopped and got their Great Dane when they passed their house and she finished the race with them.
A lot of fun and I am already looking forward to next year!

ok, now I have to go shopping for grilling later this afternoon.

And while I might not think highly of the current administration, I am taking a moment to remember those that had served in the Armed Forces today.


Morgan said...

run little man run~

network_weasel said...

well, hiding never seems to work for me, so what is left?

Morgan said...

You could tippy toe