Full on video cuteness

It has been a while and I am betting everyone is just jonesing for the embodiment of cuteness that is our son! These are in no particular order and there are no special occasions, just the same level of cuteness we see every day. Ok, not quite true as we are generally not filming every second of his waking life. For example, remembering to work the camera goes right out when he is cranky, upset, injured, screaming, throwing himself on the ground, spinning his head around, shooting lightning bolts from his eyes or dismembering household pets. Not that he does these things regularly or anything. Nothing like that at all, it is just we have not managed to catch it film, trying as we are deal with the particular situation at hand. (I am in fact kidding about the dismembering pets thing. The cat may walk funny for a while but it is just fine, thank you very much.)

This first one is a typical day in the back yard. First we help water..everything, including ourselves. This is followed by a rousing course of "what are you doing and can I stick my nose into the camera?" Ending finally in a demonstration ofboth jumping and making noise.

This second one reflects the process of eating as demonstrated by a toddler. Notice the fine display of dexterity, creative use of fingers and exploration of body art as personal expression.

Table forts, or blanket caves, are simply the coolest thing when you are a toddler. Right up there with empty boxes and dirt for demonstrating that the best toys and memories are more about approaching a moment with a sense of glee and less about the amount of money spent. Now if only he were doing something more interesting than crawling in and out of the "cave".

And finally, nature provides the greatest thing of all, puddles! Puddles exist for splishing, splashing and running through, in case you were curious.


Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, those are terribly cute. I love the box one. Some parts of Teletubbies are not worth watching, and you have to retreat into a cave. Looks like he was coaxed back out by the sounds of a noo-noo. Way too much Teletubbies on our tv when Cameron was little.

So my babelfish is out to lunch, and I couldn't quite make out what your lovely wife (I assume?) was saying. I got 'voda' in the water scene, so I'm guessing eastern European. If you've gone over this before, I appologize. I blame the high altitude for my dizziness. Really. :)

network_weasel said...

Yup, that is my darling bride running around. She is from Poland and uses Polish with our son as much as possible.