Back in the country, with loads of pictures

Howdy, to the two of you that read this blog. We made it back without incident. I had a good time visiting for their last week. And here are loads of pictures taken during their almost three month visit.

How Mom spent her visit. *grin*

Just taking a breather in the bus stop while holding a bucket of baby pears. No reason to be concerned, just move along officer.

A frame from an upcoming music video of the blues song titled "Down by the River"

I am ready for my close-up.

uh... "Yo"

umm, was that supposed to happen?

I made this for you.

and you believed me!

I need to think about this for a bit and nothing helps me think like a good carrot.

Some fool gave this child a hat full of candy.

Don't tug on that, you don't know what it is attached too.

This is how you water a garden.

Nothing funny to say. Just a great shot of him running down a road.

Eating a fresh picked tomato in the garden... in my undies. You know you wish you were me!

You handle the peddles and I will stear.

Cruising for smooches!

Were you sleaping?

A whole new meaning to the phrase "Surfing Dad."

I saw this one on a wrestling show.

I think it goes here.

Son, I really hate to tell you this, but this is, mostlikely, the last time you will get to hang out in a pool with four cute blonde sisters.

Meeting the family pet.

Nothing says you are done with a post like a child riding a goat.


thenn said...

Awesome. He gets cuter every time I see him. I didn't know you started a blog, I will have to put you on my watch list.

Morgan said...

Yeah glad your back. Now bring that cute boy down to NC to play with my bad girls.

Looks like he had fun.

Does he speak fluent Polish now???