Getting caught up on kid pictures

So I went to download the latest round of pictures off the camera and realized I had not posted any significant number of them in a while. This gets us all caught up on pictures of our little one. Enjoy!

Who says you can't have fun outside in the winter? Jumping around with one of the cousins.

Helping Mom pack a box. The big smiles help it get ther faster.

Robots need TV too! Further proving that kids will have more fun with the box something shipped in than the actual item itself.

I get to jump as high as I want on that thing? Cool!

To make it more interesting, I will not use my hands and turn the stool upside down. We are not sure where he gets these ideas from, honest.

My pants look better here. Again, no idea how this one came about. Must have seen it on TV. At someone elses house.

Mom put the snacks too far away again. But I will not be deterred. And as long as I do not touch the ground, the crocodiles can not get me. So there.

Dad, the original lazy boy. As in comfy chair. Ignore the rumors.

Zerbert attack! Secret power attack of the reclining papa. Not to be underestimated in getting very loud giggles from children.

Wet Willy. And now it is passed on to a new generation. My job as a parent is pretty much coasting from here on out. Right?

I could get used to this.

Tunnel vision.

ok, so maybe watching through the strainer is not going to help make this show more interesting.


thenn said...

What a cutie. Elspeth was skeptical when I told her this was pics of her cousin. I think that is a good indicator that it has been too long since we all got together!

network_weasel said...

Yes it has been too long. Not going to Ohio for Thanksgiving was relaxing but the visiting with you and your sister was missed.