cuteness update

It has been a while since I posted any videos, so here are two from a recent visit with by my folks. Grandpa is helping our son build towers of dubious structural integrity out of the wooden marble track system my wife bought at a yard sale for a dollar. The first one is about a minute, the second is quite a bit longer at over six minutes. Nothing exciting just fun watching his progress through the building process. This is followed by a small collection of recent pictures.

Here is a still from the same afternoon.

Eating breakfast early one morning. Not even out of his sleep sack yet.

The improvised bed rail, for use when he comes down from a nap and decides he wants to keep on sleeping. Only used once as this just happened this afternoon and we are still shocked. He slept late this morning, actually went down for his nap then woke up after an hour and a half. This is usually it until bed time but when my wife brought him down he curled up in her lap and went back to sleep. Rather than tempt fate by taking him back upstairs she made this arrangement on the couch. He slept another hour and a half. She is concerned he might be getting sick. Given he is eating anything he can at all hours of the day, I am starting to think it is another growth spurt. Time will tell.

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Morgan said...

Your parents look great!

Your son is edible

Hey were moving to NC Chapel Hill do you ever vacation down there?

Morgan said...

Lily likes watching the video with the little boy!