a complete lack of running

I have been unable to run since the Columbus Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving due to a form of shin splints. At least lets hope it is just shin splints. The other option is particularly unpleasant in both its symptoms and treatment.

I have been working my through the labyrinth of medical professions these last few months. I started with the family doctor who said stay off it a month and then start up slow. No luck there. He sent me to a specialist in sports medicine, knees mostly I found out later. The first available appointment was three weeks after my call. This one prescribed physical therapy to deal with the injury itself and orthotics to deal with the "slight" biomechanical problem. The PT is three times a week for a month. I am one week into it. Mostly so far it has been just stretching muscles etc I have not been using much lately it seems, but lately there is a start on strengthening various things. I also have met the podiatrist for the orthotics. It was interesting to get the description of what is going on with my feet in terms of structure and mechanics. It was discouraging to be told that almost no plans cover orthotics and that I would have to pay the $500 out of pocket. It is the first thing I have heard that will help get me back on the road to running etc so I am getting them, but ouch it is not cheap.

Getting the casts done of my feet so the inserts can be made was kind of interesting. It was the first time I have seen the plaster gauze in a long time. And now a week or three wait until those are done. I might be done the PT before I even get the orthotics.

Such is life.

Small steps are fine and all, but I have to admit to getting a bit impatient with the process. I just want to be able to run so I can lose the weight I have gained over ther years. The races are a nice set of goals to have over the course of the year to keep it interesting and let me focus on something beyond the next hill.

If we ever move again, I am keeping an eye out for homes near multi use trails. Maybe that way I can mix things up a little. Some biking and some running. What I did growing up (biking) with what has become so important in these recent years (running). Just add swimming and I can go for the triathalons, which would be kind of amusing, in a "I never would have imagined that for myself years ago" kind of way.

I am still wondering what I can be learning from this process. What I can pass on to our son from this experience. Hopefully, at the very least, this will let me keep being active, so he will grow up seeing me working at staying healthy, and not fall as easily into the unhealthy habits I blame for my current state.

Now if only I could schedule the PT for some time other than 7:30 in the AM. That is what is really starting to wear on me. *sigh*

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