all gussied up and nowhere to go

Ok, not true, we have somewhere to go. I just don't want to go. Former neighbors of my folks are having their annual holiday event and we are going. An amazing home, food that is always spectactular and an above average open bar are some of the positives for the event. Larger numbers of people that I do not know, or at best have not seen since high school is not as much on the positive side for me today.
My wife, her brother, his wife and I are meeting my sister and folks there later this evening. It is black tie. I long ago gave in and bought my own tux. Just your basic one button model which should last me, roughly speaking, forever. Or at least until I get the full kilt in the family tartan. (There are a few other things on the list ahead of that purchase, so don't hold your breath.) Since I am, well, me, I do have green chuck taylors to wear with this tux. They sort of complement the dark green vest and bow tie. (NOt to be confused with the red chucks I wore when I got married.) If nothing else I am always more comfortable than everyone else at these things. Luckily I do not have a goal of being taken seriously to slow me down.
With all of the family staying with us for the holidays, I am not feeling terribly extroverted so getting the energy up for going out tonight is not too easy for me. I, and my wife, am currently thrilled if I can just stay on the positive side of surly right now. It is a struggle. I did get a break this afternoon and snuck off to watch a movie. Blissful. I saw "Eragon". It was at the theater nearby and started next. I read the book last year, but can not remember enough details to say how true they stuck to the story. Guess I will have to read it again. Poor me, all this free time and another book to read.

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