happy new years to you all

I hope the coming year gives you what you need and you can smile about the past year.

My goals for this coming year:
Play more with my son. (like that is difficult to work towards)
Fight less with my wife. (hmm, but i am so good at it and you are supposed to do what you are good at, right? or not in this case)
Finish the masters program. (one more class to go!)
Learn to read music and play a musical instrument. (for some reason the concertina has always been appealing to me. antone got one i can learn on?)
Run five miles in less than 50 minutes, outdoors in above freezing weather. (i just need to start running again, as i stopped after thanksgiving, what with finals and all. *sigh*)
Do more in the garden for a longer stretch of the year. (already picking my seeds, gods i love catalogs)

That should keep me out of trouble ... or at least off of the streets.


Morgan said...

Good list my darling boy!

I am just hoping not sit on the girl I have and hoping the newest one stops sitting on me!

Love to you and yours!

Say hi to mom and dad for me!
You are looking more and more and more like your dad

Anonymous said...

Santa brought me fifteen packets of heirloom tomato seeds for Christmas. (They were on sale.) I'll share if you want :) Max and I can plant them and then when they're ready to transplant really and truly DRIVE over to your neighborhood and make deliveries :)

(You picking out any good beans? I'd trade for some beans :)

Alaska. I can't remember my Google/Blogger username.