The In-laws are coming! The In-laws are coming!

As I come down from having had my last class for the semester this past Saturday, I am now preparing for the arrival of my in-laws. My wife's mother, father, younger brother, his wife and their daughter are arriving later today. Please note the total number of people staying with us for the holidays is five (5). They will have been on planes and in airports for the last almost 14 hours, not counting what it takes to get through customs when they arrive. They will be with us for the next three weeks, give or take a day.

So as the rush for end of semester ended, it transfered directly to all of the things needing to be done before the arrival. Little things I have been putting off until my papers and presentations were completed, like getting christmas tree, another long baby gate to keep our little one from laying with all the interesting things on and under the tree, a booster seat for our niece so we can safely drive around with her, finshing some woodwork in the kitchen and dining room. Little things, except when they are all in one lump. They have gotten done, mostly. still some work to be done in the dining room.

This is not as crazy as it sounds, but it would have been nice to have had a nice break. The two classes this semester were IT Law and Leadership Fundamentals. They were both really interesting classes but demanding of my attention and time. I had never had a law class so getting a grounding in the basic of copyright, trademark and privacy has been good for me. The leadership class was painful. Sometimes becuase it was challenging my own assumptions about myself and my concepts of leadership and other times becuase some of the authors really want to be scientists but are so far from it in their work it is painful to read. And this is me, with my background in cultural anthroplogy, complaining about a lack o rigorous scientific methodology.

Well, only a few hours to go before the in-laws arrive, so I better make sure there is nothing I need to be doing in the meantime. I think my job will be to pour the vodka once we get back and settled in. I can do that, and am looking forward to it. I only hope have enough!

be well


R2K said...

: )

Matt said...

3 weeks with in-laws? Yikes. Pass the vodka, please :)

Morgan said...

Enjoy your inlaws and remember to take some time away for your little family it can be over whelming to have so many people together for so long.

network weasel said...

smirnof ice, green apple flavor, is the house drink at the moment. It helps.